Saturday, November 27, 2010


I've never felt more satisfied with an empty bottle of jam until now. This means I've accomplished my mission for this week which is to finish my Daring Bakers Challenge on time. Things have been very hectic lately and I haven't been blogging as often as I would like to. But today, I found the time and I was able to finish it. This isn't the only batch of crostata I made, this must be the 3rd one but it's the only one I was able to take pictures of--it's that good!
The 2010 November Daring Bakers Challenge was hosted by Simona of briciola. She chose to challenge Daring Bakers to make pasta frolla for a crostata. She used her own experience as a source as well as information from Pellegrino Artusi's Science in the Kitchen and The Art of Eating Well.
I chose to make version one of the given recipe of pasta frolla to make into Crostata di Marmellata and I filled it using the Mango-Lime Jam that I made.

PASTA FROLLA (version 1)
100 grams superfine sugar
235 grams all-purpose flour
pinch of salt
1/2 stick unsaled butter, cold and cut into small pieces
grated zest of 1/2 lemon
1 large egg and 1 egg yolk, lightly beaten in a small bowl
Whisk together flour, sugar and salt in a bowl. Rub or cut the butter into the flour until the mixture has the consistency of coarse crumbs. Make a well in the center of the mounded flour and butter mixture and pour the beaten eggs into it. Add the lemon zest to the flour/butter/egg mixture. Use fork to incorporate the liquid into the solid ingredients then use your fingertips. Knead lightly until it just comes into a ball. Shape the dough into a flat disk and wrap in plastic wrap. Place in refrigerator and chill for at least 2 hours.

I made the pasta frolla by hand and I didn't have any major problems with it, but I had to add a bit of water for the dough to come together. After that, it rolled out nice and easy. I used our drinking glasses to cut the base, lined a greased muffin pan with the pasta frolla before I pricked it with a floured fork and spooned in my filling. I cut the remaining dough into flower shapes and stuck them on top, brushed it with egg wash and baked it for 25 minutes.

And there they are, the finished product. Delicious! Thank you to Simona for this challenge, I discovered another yummy dessert.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kulinarya Cooking Club November Challenge--Chicken Relleno

Time sure flies fast! Wasn't it just a few months ago when I joined Kulinarya and now here I am co-hosting the challenge for November! When my co-host Annie e-mailed me about this month's theme, we were surprised that we had the same thing in mind, Chicken Relleno. We agreed that great minds think a like (tee-hee!) This dish has been a staple on our family Christmas table for the last 25 years or so but when our dearest friend who used to give it to us passed away a few years back, we have missed it. I know my recipe isn't as good as the one she used to make, but here is my version and tribute to Tita Nene.

Chicken Relleno
Spring Chicken 1 whole
Calamansi 5 pieces, juiced
Salt and Pepper

Ground pork 1/2 kilo
Vienna Sausage 5 pieces, sliced into small cubes
Raisins 1/4 cup
Carrot 1 piece, peeled and minced
Onion, Red 1 piece, peeled and minced
Garlic 4 cloves, peeled and minced
Eggs 2 pieces, harboiled and peeled
Salt and Pepper to taste

Debone spring chicken, leaving the legs and wings intact. Wash the chicken and season the cavity with salt and pepper. Marinate in calamansi juice and leave in the refrigerator while preparing the filling.
Mix the filling ingredients together. Make a small patty and fry in hot oil to taste the seasoning, adjust as necessary.
Stuff the cavity of the chicken with the raw filling, insert the peeled, hardboiled eggs in the center and surround with the remaining filling. Roast in a preheated 350 degrees farenheit oven for 1 and a half hour, basting the chicken with melted butter every 15 minutes.
I like serving the chicken when it has cooled down a little so it stays intact when I slice it.
I made the extra filling into embutido, another childhood favorite. I simply rolled it in aluminum foil, wrapped it tightly and steamed it for 1 and a half hours.
Kulinarya Cooking Club was started by a group of Dilipino foodies living in Sydney, who are passionate about the Filipino culture and its colorful cuisine. Each month we will showcase a new dish with their family recipes, we hope you find the same passion and love for Filipino food as we do. If you are interested in joining our Kulinarya Cooking Club, please feel free to drop by our food blogs and leave a comment--we would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mercato Centrale

I'm so busy these days that I haven't been blogging. But there is a good reason for that, I will be a market stall owner at the newest weekend market in Manila--Mercato Centrale which is opening on Sunday, November 21. For those who are in the Philippines, this is located in Bonifaco Global City, Taguig, beside Bonifacio High Street. See you there!