Monday, November 17, 2008

Making an Omelet

Making a proper omelet was one of the things I really wanted to learn. And through the years of going to culinary school having my apprenticeships in major hotes, I can proudly say I know how to make a proper omelet. A friend of mine asked how I made my omelets--so instead of just writing down the instructions and trying to visualize it, I decided to post it. I always make omelets with 3 eggs and 2 tablespoons of milk, and whatever filling I feel like putting (or whatever is in my kitchen). For today, I will put onions, tomatoes, red bellpeppers, greenbellpeppers and diced ham, I ran out of mushrooms--so sad.
I whisk 3 medium eggs with 2 tablespoons fresh milk (or skim milk if you want) Cook this over a low fire on a teflon pan with a little bit of canola oil. When it's already cooked, but not dry, I sprinkle cheese and set it aside while I cook the filling.
In another non-stick pan (I like using non-stick pans because it minimizes putting oil) I saute onions, tomatoes, red and green bellpeppers and ham until the vegetables are slightly wilted and the ham is cooked.
And lastly, I add the cooked vegetable on top of the cooked egg (with the now-melted cheese) and fold it neatly and slide it onto a plate--and there you have it, a fat omelet! Yummy with toast and a cup of coffee for breakfast or for anytime of the day :)

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