Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Better Late Than Never Kulinarya Cooking Club April 2010-- Polvoron

I joined another cooking club, yay! So, aside from the Daring Bakers and the Daring Cooks, I have Kulinarya Cooking Club which I'm super excited about because it's all about Filipino Cuisine! I was a little harassed this month with all the activities. I wasn't able to join the yahoogroups on time and so, I am late. But thanks to the patience of Trisha of, here I am.

The recipe for this month is Polvoron, a childhood favorite of mine. Although, I have eaten this treat a lot, I must confess, I haven't made it yet. So I called up my niece (daughter of my cousin) Maui and asked for her recipe. She gave me her basic recipe which she got from our grandmother's old magazine way back.

All Purpose Flour 3/4 cup
Powdered Milk 1/2 cup
Refined Sugar 1/2 cup
Butter 1/4 cup

Toast flour in a preheated pan (no oil) until it becomes golden in color, do not overcook. Take off heat. Add powdered milk, refined sugar and butter. Mix well, butter will melt as it gets combined with the toasted flour.

*I didn't have powdered milk and I wanted it to have another flavor, so I used one packet of Swissmiss rich chololate powder. I also added more butter.

I melted 150 grams of Bittersweet couverture chocolate and covered some of the polvoron with it. It was messy but it was worth the clean up after :)

I didn't have a polvoron molder at home so I used the melon baller to make my shapes.

Kulinarya was started by a group of Filipino foodies living in Sydney, who are passionate about the Filipino culture and its colourful cuisine. Each month we will showcase a new dish along with their family recipes.


bake in paris said...

I want these as much as I desire Chocolate Truffles...

And good luck with the new club. I am glad you are excited about it because then it means you are putting more efforts and we will all see great posts in the near future :-)

Sawadee from Bangkok,

TaGa_Luto said...

YUM! Polvoron! I've made these ages ago. Your version is something i want to try=;)
Do you get invited or something. to join the group?

chef_d said...

Kris, thank you very much! I hope you had a great holiday.
Pia, I just got in touch with one of them, I invited myself :)

Olive said...

welcome to KCC, I'm glad you joined :) your polvoron looks yummy, I love swiss miss, great idea to add it in. I'm late in posting mine as well ;)

@Pia..hope you join too :)

cusinera said...

that looks really good with that melted chocolate added to it, and it's always never too late sa paghabol! Welcome to KCC, looking forward to your future posts for KCC=)

Joy said...

That is a cute idea. I have the form but I was thinking of using cookie cutters next time.

Justin said...

this looks so good with the chocolate on top

Caroline said...

I just saw this so I'm late in commenting. I love the chocolate-covered polvoron, I would totally cover the whole thing with chocolate next time. Welcome to KCC!