Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fruits From My Childhood

Anyone who first sees this fruit always asks...what is that? And when I answer LITUKO, I get more questions. Lituko is the Ilocano word for Rattan Fruit, as far back as I can remember, it's always been available at certain months in our Northern province.

I made an unexpected trip back home last of my dearest cousins passed away. I will always cherish the memories of this fruit for me because he always brought lituko for me whenever he would drive to Manila. And when we made the 7 hour drive trip back to the province, lituko greeted me at the numerous vegetable stalls that dotted the mountainous highway.

It was a bittersweet reunion for our clan, it is sad that we always seem to be brought together by sad events (funerals). And it's especially hard this time because Kuya Tito was the oldest cousin and was always in charge of things. But I believe that it's not goodbye but really "see you again" . You will be missed.


Joy said...

I have never had rattan. Is it like rabatain?

chef_d said...

Joy, what is rabatain? :) This is the first time I've come across that word