Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quick Escape

Brother: Achi (elder sister in Chinese), do you know any nice resorts that are reasonably priced in Batangas?

Me: Yes, I know a few...why?

Brother: My friends and I are going on can come if you want.

Me: Yay!!! Yes I'm going with you and I'm going to call for reservations now!

(stumbles upstairs to laptop for list of Batangas resorts)

This was how it started, one of my brothers decided to go for a quick getaway with his friends to Batangas and I decided to tag along. Nevermind that all of them are more than 10 years younger than me (haha). I needed a quick escape from city life.

Thursday dawned bright and clear in the city but as soon as we exited to the Star Tollway going to Batangas, it started drizzling and the clouds got darker and heavier. Oh please...let us have sunshine! But the weather didn't dampen our mood, we arrived at La Luz Resort in San Juan Batangas.

La Luz Resort is situated at the quiet end of a long stretch of resorts, it's a good place to go if quiet relaxation is what you want. They don't accept walk-in customers and you have to deposit 50% of your total bill and reserve ahead of time. They also have rooms you can rent if you want overnight accomodation.
How cool is this? While having a relaxing massage in our cabana, I happened to look up and see this...horses! I spent the day relaxing...after the massage (I nearly fell asleep) one of my sisters and I spent a little time sunbathing even if the sun was a bit shy and kept hiding behind the clouds. We played some beach volleyball but most of the kids were just relaxing in the cabana where they watched a movie on the laptop one of them brought (kids these go the beach and they stay indoors..tsk tsk!) And then it was time to eat...again.

The day tour rate (PhP 750.00) included lunch and snack. I wasn't able to take pictures of the lunch buffet, the food was simple Filipino fare but it was really good. The snack buffet wasn't disappointing either, was it really that good or was I just hungry?

Even before we went to this resort, I was already planning an overnight stay but I'd have to think it over again because one thing that I was disappointed with was the beach. It was rocky, or stony--I mean instead of sand, the beachfront was full of small stones, and that was important to me...I want real sand!

The drive back was longer because of the traffic but I didn't mind. It was a relaxing quick escape and I was recharged when we finally saw the big lights of the city.

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Anonymous said...

Nice vacation, hope you have a good time :)