Thursday, November 15, 2012


Audax of Audax Artifax was our November 2012 Daring Cooks’ host. Audax has brought us into the world of brining and roasting, where we brined meat and vegetables and roasted them afterwards for a delicious meal!
I must say I really enjoyed this month's challenge because it made roasting chicken or any other meat or vegetable easier and more flavorful.  For the past years that I've been roasting food, I was always mindful that the meats do not turn too dry and yet are cooked enough for food safety reasons.  
According to our host Audax: "Soaking in brine improves the taste and the moistness of all fowl (chicken, turkey, goose, duck and guinea fowl), also it works on lean red- and lean white-meats, fish, most seafood and most nuts and seeds. It is simple, cheap and effective and will ensure that your Christmas roast will be the tastiest you have ever made. All you do is brine your cut of meat and then proceed as normal, you will find that the roast is juicy and the skin has a lovely colour."
There was a holiday this month of November and I decided to test my brined and roasted chicken on my brother and sisters since everyone was home.  I also decided to roast some sweet potatoes and carrots with it in accordance with the Paleo diet which two of my siblings are on. 
It was just as our host said...the roast chicken was moist and flavorful, everyone loved it and I wish I had bought one more free-range chicken. 
And because I wanted to duplicate the moist and flavorful meat in pork, I also brined and roasted pork and it worked!  I just found the perfect technique thanks to our host Audax! 
The all-purpose brine and recommended roasting times are all found here. And please don't forget to check out the other Daring Cooks versions of their brined and roasted food, you won't be disappointed!


The Garlic Press said...

Your chicken looks great and your pork looks so moist. I must give that a try.

Don't Make Me Call My Flying Monkeys! said...

OH THE PORK! I am a big fan of pork and yours looks great. I too am a fan of the brine. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Your chicken looks fantastic..but WOW to the moist and gorgeous! I brine pork chops a lot, so I can only imagine gow good it is. I'm still brining my meat..I'm very late :(

Ruth Ellis said...

Both look really delicious - love the roasted roots with the chicken.

Renata said...

I totally agree with you. Brining is the solution to a perfect roast. Your chicken and vegetables look amazingly delicious. Now that I saw your results with the pork I'm really excited to try it. A great job on the challenge!

My name is Andy. said...

Great job! They look wonderful

Audax said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful I'm so glad that this challenge worked so well for you. I can see how moist and tender the meat is in your dishes a marvellous job on this challenge. Bravo to you. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.