Monday, January 19, 2009

Another New Year for Baking

Happy New Year! This post is a bit late owing to the fact that January is such a hectic month. First of all, I extended my stay in Beijing and then when I came home there was a flurry of activities because bestfriend I was going to get married. And then I had to go on a strict diet to fit into my bridesmaid dress...whew! Now that the dust has settled, bestfriend married-and off to her honeymoon-check, dress fitted and was suitably admired-check! I can now settle into my normal routine and bake to my heart's content. But after almost a month of not baking, I had to bake something that would jumpstart my interest. I found an old recipe of chocolate cupcakes, made a buttercream icing and then decorated the tops with leftover candy sprinkles, chopped mint chocolates, chopped almond roca, candy coated chocolate and voila! I am now very inspired to undertake another year of baking!! Happy new year everyone and happy baking!!

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