Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thai Food In Beijing

I have to admit that more than anything--I've been food tripping here in Beijing. The Insider's Guide to Beijing is my bible here in looking up places to eat. My sisters and I wanted
to go to Solana mall in Chaoyang Park and feeling very adventurous, we braved the cold winds and -3 weather, took the subway and walked for a quarter of an hour to get there. We were feeling ravenous by the time we were in the vicinity and lo and behold--Lucky Street was there, lucky for us because I stumbled on Sukhothai which is an editor's pick as best Thai restaurant here in Beijing! It was nearly closing (we arrived a little past 1 pm) but they accomodated us. We orded tom yum kung (sour and swimming with shrimps and mushrooms) to drive away the winter cold. It was surprising to see kangkong (swamp cabbage)on the menu because I haven't seen this in any supermarket here. The beef curry was sooo good. It was a relief to eat the spices of Thailand after having a steady diet of taste-numbing Chinese spices. The fried croaker (crispy small fish) was okay but not fantastic. The prices were higher than usual--well it was authentic! And wonders of all wonders, they had forks and spoons. I would definitely go back to Sukhothai but next time I'll take the cab.


mikky said...

how fun... bet it's still freezing in Beijing... the last time i was there was 20 years ago!!! lovely finds you have there... :)

Thip said...

I heard about Sukhothai too. The food look delicious.