Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Champorado at Tuyo

I love eating breakfast...that's a non-negotiable. When I don't eat breakfast I get cranky and feel out of sorts. It is usually a piece of fruit, yogurt, lunch meat and coffee. But there are special days when I want to indulge myself and this is one of those special days...what to have for breakfast? How about a steaming bowl of champorado and tuyo (salty dried fish). Champorado is a sweet rice porridge made from glutinous rice flour, cocoa powder and sugar. It is usually served with milk.

While others eat them with bread, tearing them into little bits and dunking them in the champorado, I prefer eating this sweet rice porridge with salty dried fish. The crunchy, salty fish balances the sweetness and creaminess of the champorado, perfect for rainy day mornings!
Thanks to my friend Judy who was generous enough to share her delicious champorado with us.


Joy said...

I love champorado. I would have it everyday if I could.

Olive said...

yummy champorado! it's my fave breakfast.. I've never had it with tuyo though, we usually pair it with hot pandesal.

chef_d said...

@Joy--I would definitely have it everyday too!
@Olive--pan de sal and champorado sounds yummy :)

Tangled Noodle said...

I am so going to try this combo - I've got the champorado part down. Now it's a matter of finding tuyo. Our selection of Filipino foods at the local Asian market is pretty limited. Chocolate and fish - why not? 8-)

chef_d said...

@Tangled Noodle--I don't know if you have bottled gourmet tuyo there, it's really yummy!

bake in paris said...

This is simply unique.... we have some sort of champorado here, but having it with fish that is an eye-opener :-)

Anyway, enjoy your special breakfast moment!

Sawadee from bangkok,

Caroline said...

I love eating champorado with tuyo especially during rainy weather. That sweet & salty combo is always great!