Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nomama Artisanal Ramen

Like what I said before, I don't really post entries about restaurants unless I really liked the food there and the whole "experience". So this is one of those few-and-far-between entries...I first saw Nomama last Saturday September 10 and I thought it looked very nice from the outside so I made a mental note to check it out, I called them the next day which was Sunday but no one was picking up so we drove to the restaurant and found out they were closed *sigh*.

Fast forward, one week of my friends was celebrating her birthday, so we decided to have lunch here. The first thing I noticed when I went in was the interiors, I really liked it, clean and simple, concrete floors and ceilings with lots of natural wood bathed in natural light.

The server approached us and gave the menu card/board which was very nicely done. The restaurant was awash in natural light thanks to the glass walls, which made the place look more airy and spacious.
It was a very simple and straightforward menu and I almost ordered one from each menu category but I wasn't too hungry, so I thought against it. We started off with a salad...the Soft Shell Crab Salad was very interesting sounding so we ordered it. I usually love crab but I didn't like this too much, I am not sure if it was really the salad or it was me. The dressing was very good though and the presentation was so pretty.

Soft Shell Crab Salad PhP 260.00

Crisp soft shell crab, dairy buttermilk dressing, tomato and cucumber, greens

Of course I had to order a bowl of healthy Edamame, one of my favorite Japanese side dishes. They are actually immature soybeans in their pods. I can finish one bowl of this all by myself but the three of us shared this.

Edamame PhP 90.00

Steamed edamame beans with lime salt

The birthday girl chose the Nomama Ramen which we had to try because this was a Ramen place after all. I wasn't too keen on the soft boiled egg which was done perfectly but the soup was delicious and she polished it off in minutes.

Nomama Ramen PhP 290.00

House pork stock, special miso sesame blend, chashu, tamago

I couldn't decide which ramen I was going to order but in the end, the Ox Tongue and Chili Tofu sounded too good to pass up so that was what I ordered. Oh boy, this one's really good! The soup was delicious and the combination of the flavors was amazing! The braised ox tongue was so tender...yum! I am still dreaming about it.
Ox Tongue and Chili Tofu Ramen PhP 290.00

Braised Ox tongue, chili tofu sauce, house pork stock

My other friend ordered the Prawn and Red Curry Noodle StirFry, it looked delicious but I'm not very fond of noodles without soup and besides...this was a ramen place. The combination of Thai and Japanese flavors are intriguing though.

Prawn and Red Curry Noodle Stir Fry PhP 290.00

Prawns, red Thai curry, fresh noodles, eggplant, mirin, sake

And finally for dessert we had the Kitkat Bar, the server was recommending the Wasabi Whoopie Pie but I was craving for chocolate. This dessert was the perfect foil for the savory lunch we just had. It was just a bit disappointing that they didn't serve coffee because it would have been perfect.

Kitkat Bar PhP 175.00

Homemade peanut butter and chocolate bar with raspberry paint

I will defintely go back to Nomama, not only because it's so near my place but also because I want to try every item on their menu (I know I sound greedy--but it's that intriguing!) So next time...I will be ordering the Thai Green Curry Ramen and the Wasabi Whoopie Pie and the....well you get the point.

Nomama Artisanal Ramen

G/F FSS Bldg 2, Scout Tuazon cor. Scout Castor Streets,

Quezon City Philippines




Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

The soft-shell crab salad intrigues me, I developed this love over Japanese cuisine not so long ago and tis one would well-worth a try, thanks for sharing...Oh I've heard from a fellow blogger that you have your own restaurant, I would love to visit it and maybe disturb you for a while...

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Oh wow! everything looks amazing. No wonder you felt the need to review about it. I am wishing I was going there for dinner tonight!

Wok with Ray said...

The soft shell crab is something I would have to try but it looks good. The Ramens, ohhhh the ramens! They look so yummy and I can see my self slurping loudly. :)

Trixie Torralba said...

Tita, this looks delicious! :)