Monday, September 29, 2008

Guess What I Made for Lunch?

Mommy asked me to cook lunch today. I woke up early and had them buy shrimps for my shrimp in coconut cream recipe. I got prawns instead, which was really a pleasant surprise. I made my own coconut cream by hand (poured hot water on grated coconut, left it for a few minutes and squeezed). I marinated the prawns in vinegar, garlic, fish sauce (patis) then cooked it with my fresh cocnut cream.
I made nilagang baka (boiled beef) and used short ribs. Instead of the usual green vegetables, I used carrots, potatoes and corn, which gave the nilaga a slightly sweet broth. I cooked the shortribs in the pressure cooker first, until the flesh was falling off the bone.
It was a very filling lunch. My brother J stayed for lunch and Mom wasn't disappointed. She asked me before I left for work " what's for lunch tomorrow?"

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