Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tokyo Cafe (Mall of Asia)

After going around the Asia Food Expo at the World Trade Center in Roxas Boulevard, Manila we decided to have lunch at the Tokyo Cafe at the Mall of Asia which is about 5-10 minutes away. My sister L is so smitten with this place that she always insists on eating there whenever we are in the area.
A tall glass of Iced Green Tea, which was too bitter (maybe it was steeped too long) for my taste that I had to dump all the sugar syrup :(
Chicken ala Pobre, boneless chicken with garlic and a creamy sauce on top. Too rich for me but the chicken was tender
My sister L's order Wafu Beef, she had a side order of rice with this. The beef was tender and tasted very good (not too salty)
I like the little glass with the sugar syrup--looks really cute. The glass looked nice too :)
My order, boneless herbed chicken. Lots of rosemary just like how I want it, I ordered rice with this and it was gone in less than 10 minutes.

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