Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lunch Today

...I cooked adobo for lunch today. But I wanted to put a twist so I used lamb loin instead of pork or chicken. Mom bought the meats from Shopwise. I actually cooked the adobo last night because I wasn't sure if I'd have time today. I was just planning to reheat it this morning. When I woke up I saw that the fat (from the lamb) had coagulated and become solid. Every household in the Philippines, or every Filipino who cooks has his/her own version of this dish. It can be very salty or sometimes sweet-ish, others are swimming in the sauce while others have been dried until they become flaky. I prefer mine salty and almost dry. So I reheated my adobo and reduced the liquid (more fat than sauce) until it was almost dry. I cooked this last night in cane vinegar, calamansi juice (this tip I got from another Filipino food blogger), garlic, cracked peppercorn, bay leaf, soysauce and bird's eye chili peppers that we picked from our potted plant. While it was boiling away, my brother and sisters kept on asking "What smells wonderful??" it was past 11 pm already and we've had dinner. My brother hovered around the pan and kept on dropping hints...I guess he wanted to taste test it... haha.
We're having this for lunch....looks really yummy!

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