Monday, December 29, 2008

Awfully Chocolate

I think I've found the best chocolate cake in Beijing! It's called Awfully Chocolate but there's nothing awful about it, it's the yummiest cake I've eaten here so far! They also have ice cream and it's served in a small take-away box. We almost walked by the store, it was small and white with a very discreet sign. The people serving there were also in white, how cute is that!
This is a slice of the Chocolate Banana cake, so moist and tender and chocolatey! It's just a takeway counter (I just don't know if their other branches have chairs and tables). The person behind the counter said all their ingredients were imported.
The cake came in 6 inch and 9 inch sizes. We just got the smaller one. The packaging was very tasteful, it was a white box with their sign and the price was very reasonable. We went home carrying the precious white box like a baby, and it was love at first bite! I'm in chocolate heaven--and there's nothing awful about it!

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