Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beijing Duck

I arrived in Beijing to a freezing -12 weather. From 26 degrees in Manila to -12 is no joke, I felt like a popsicle while walking around. I had to have my Beijing duck to warm me and the best one is at Quanjude which was established in 1864 (in the third year of the Tongzhi, Quin Dynasty) meaning they have been serving for 140 years, how is that for history! It's so special that each duck comes with a certificate (see below)
My sisters and I ordered one whole duck to ourselver, here is one way of eating it, wrapped in lettuce leaves with red and green peppers, cucmber and hoisin sauce:
And of course the traditional way which is wrapped in paper-thin pancakes, with leeks, and hoisin sauce--my favorite way!
And here is the whole feast which we devoured within an hour. We came out of the restaurant, full and warm. Nothing beats Quanjude Beijing duck!

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