Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coffee, Wasabi Milkshake etc...

After we had lunch at the hawker's center along Orchard Road, we were feeling a bit sluggish and because our friend L didn't want to go our Starbucks, we decided to look for another nice coffee place. We found The Coffee Connoisseur in the CenterPoint. L ordered a double shot of espresso, W ordered cafe mocha
I felt more adventurous and turned my attention to the chai lattes and milkshakes, one item caught my eye, it was the Wasabi Milkshake--I like wasabi on my sushi and sashimi and I like milkshake so I was wondering how it would taste like. I ordered one and to my pleasant surprise, it was actually very good. Cold and thick like how it should be with just an aftertaste of the wasabi.
On Wednesday, when we were in Vivo City, after we got tired walking around and shopping, we also needed a breather and walked into The Coffee Club. The place was very light and airy and they had other food aside from the usual cakes and sandwiches but we just tried their coffee. W tried their Macadamia Nut Latte
I had the usual Iced Mocha, I wasnt feeling very adventurous this time. It was a nice cold break from all the walking.
After we had lunch at Seah Im hawkers' center, M ordered the local Coffee Chino made right there locally. It looked very nice, almost comparable to the ones made at the big coffee places at one-third the price!

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