Saturday, October 4, 2008

Heaven and Eggs

Saturdays nights are usually reserved for self-pampering after a grueling work week. I went to Gloss Eastwood and had my favorite Gloss Pedicure (Foot massage and spa with pedicure) which left me feeling more like a person and less like a work mule. My cousin M and my sister L were with me, we wanted to have dinner right after. I didn't want to eat at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant yet again (it has become a ritual--vietnamese food after the spa) so we wandered around for a while. I wanted to try something new but settled on Heaven and Eggs which spelled comfort food for me. M ordered my favorite Manila Spareribs served with java rice and a siding of veggies. Really yummy and the ribs are so tender!
L and I were mulling over the new menu items, and being lamb lovers we chose lamb entrees. She had Lamb Shawarma Rice Platter, it looked appetizing at first but she complained that the lamb was very "fatty" so she didn't get to finish all of it which is so unlike her.
Meanwhile, I tried their Lamb Sausage Slammer (I wasn't in the mood for rice tonight). The lamb sausage (which looked more like burgers) came with a siding of herbed potatoes, vegetables and scrambled eggs. I liked my order, the burgers were juicy and tasty but I wasn't that hungry so I left maybe 1/8 on my plate.
The new items (or at least the ones we tried) were okay but next time I think I will stick to my old favorite Manila Spareribs!

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