Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Singapore is truly a food-lover's paradise. Everywhere you look, you can see eating places of all persuasions--from the really high end to hawker's stalls that serve excellent food. I love visiting hawker's stalls because you know that the locals eat there, and to me means excellent food. On my first day, we walked almost half the length of Orchard Road looking for a particular hawker's stall, we were hungry and tired...finally we found what we were looking for. I controlled myself I didn't order chili crab (yet). But I tried their laksa, which is prawns and noodles with tofu in a spicy coconut broth.
My friend wasn't into spicy stuff so she ordered minced meat noodles, see picture below, which came with a bowl of hot broth that you took while eating the noodles and meat.
We also shared an order of carrot cake, believe it or not, it's not what you think, see for yourself (picture below) this was very savory and tasty but not spicy, a welcome relief from the laksa that gave me a temporary runny nose:
Can't wait to eat the local cuisine again tomorrow!!

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