Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Hawkers' Center Food

We woke up late we grabbed coffee and pastry at Spinelli Coffee and waited for our friend M who is a foodie himself to pick us up. He arrived at 11 am and we drove to Vivo City. Walked for a while and shopped a little. He asked us where we wanted to eat and our only request was to have authentic local cuisine. In the afternoon, when we were quite hungry he took us to Seah Im another famous hawkers' center at the back of Harbour Front. We couldn't find a parking space (at 3 in the afternoon!) because there are a lot of people eating. Finally we found a space and a table. M walked around to look for food to eat. We had a plain roti with curry sauce while waiting.
M came with carrot cake, he explained that carrot here actually means radish, he ordered a white white (see picture below) and a black one which was cooked with soy sauce--we preferred the white one. This was cooked with eggs
The next one was rojak which was a mixture of shrimp paste and apples, cucumbers, pineapples and a sweet sauce with the rojak which had the texture of fried tofu. It was very strong smelling and the taste takes a bit of getting used to.
We loved the bakut-teh, which was pork ribs soup. The ribs were tender and the soup was very flavorful. We also had the pork organs soup (with liver and kidney). We chased down all these with tall glasses of lime juice. We finished eating just in time to avoid getting rained down.

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