Monday, October 27, 2008

The Stockmarket--Bonifacio High Street

The Roast Beef (straight from the Del Monte farms in Bukidnon)--picture above, medium rare and so yummy, the best I had for this year. This was good for sharing, first brother and I shared it.
It's been a while since I dined out in Bonifacio High Street because I get sidetracked somewhere else (Serendra etc) but last night for Sunday family day, my brother suggested we try The Stockmarket. The waiter told me it's owned by Del Monte and The Old Spaghetti House. I liked the interior at first glance, it had a country vibe but it was bright and fresh-looking. Our waiter was also very courteous and accomodating. I ordered the warm brie platter for appetizer which we was wiped out in a few minutes. Mom and second brother had Fork-tender Beef Shortribs with Corn RIsotto, it was very tender but too sweet for my taste. My sisters had Grilled Lamb Shoulder, which to me is a little bland. But when my order of Roast Beef came, everything just fell into place--no need for extra condiments, it was very tender and tasty and cooked just right.

This is the Warm Brie platter with nuts, apricots and grapes--the brie is oozing out, yummy!!

I will definitely eat here again, I love the fresh, uncluttered interiors, the cutlery, the colors, pretty much everything here is good. The pricing is not as high as my other favorite Chelsea at Serendra, and there were less people here (maybe because it just opened this month). I will come back and try the desserts next time, which I heard are also very good...

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